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Australian softwood log exports crash due to China ban, prices stable

Australia’s average softwood log export price slumped to a reported AUDFob109/m3 in May 2021, down 16% on the [...]

Brazil’s roundwood exports hit record high

    Brazil has never exported so much roundwood as in April and May 2021, according to the [...]

Vietnamese wood product exports forecast to reach new record in 2021

    Vietnam's wood products exports are expected to rise to a record 15-16 billion USD [...]

European spruce log prices fall sharply in China

In China the prices for softwood logs decreased by 20 € last week due to the standard summer halting demand.  [...]

European softwood lumber to the US up by 34% in Q1/2021

      A booming demand in the US doubled by insufficient wood availability on the North [...]

Poland: Roundwood prices are rising at a dizzying pace due to huge exports to China

Huge demand in the USA and China has led to a 30-50 percent increase in raw material prices in [...]

Vietnam’s wood product exports post 50.5% growth in the first four months

The export turnover of Vietnam's wood and wood products hit 4.99 billion USD in the first four months [...]

German sawmill industry reports record production but reduced exports

The German sawmills are responding to the tense situation on the timber market with record production and a falling export [...]

China: Imbalance between strong demand, poor supply favors New Zealand log exporters

While most industry insiders were expecting flat or slightly export prices for May, New Zealand log export prices rose at [...]

Russia might ban exports of particleboard

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg) has proposed to introduce a temporary ban on the [...]