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Canadian softwood lumber market outlook in 2020/2021

The main driver for Canadian softwood lumber production is not domestic consumption, but rather exports— and exports to the US [...]

Russia: Putin requests ban on unprocessed timber from 2022

    Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to stop uncontrolled export of untreated timber following a [...]

Chinese wooden furniture trade severely impacted by Covid-19

    Under the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of China’s wooden furniture [...]

Finnish forest industry exports drop 18% in H1/2020

In the first half year the exports value of the Finnish forest industry products totalled in real terms EUR 5 [...]

Vietnamese wood products exports stunning in the first half

According to Vietnam Customs, at the end of June, wood and wood product (W&WP) export revenues amounted to [...]

Germany: Softwood logs exports to China double H1/2020

In the first half of 2020, Germany exported almost half more softwood logs than in the same period of the [...]
September 7, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / China / Europe

N. Zealand: Rising shipping costs impact prices of logs exported to China

    Domestic demand for logs and sawn timber in New Zealand remains strong while the longer-term [...]

Australian softwood logs export hits record high as Chinese demand is very active

    Australia’s softwood log exports exploded to a new monthly record in June, with total exports [...]

German exports of logs at record pace

    Germany continued to export logs at record pace in early 2020, with almost 50% of the [...]

Booming exports of sawn timber from Belarus to China, via railway

Since the beginning of this year, the exports of Belarusian Forestry Ministry enterprises have increased significantly. From January to May [...]