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EU tropical wood product imports benefit from curtailment supplies from Russia and Belarus

In the first four months of this year, the value of EU imports of tropical wood and wood furniture totalled [...]

Vietnam’s wood product deliveries slow due to high inflation in key export markets

    In the first months of this year, Vietnam's timber and wood products export has grossed [...]

Brazil doubles plywood exports to EU

In June, Brazilian exports of plywood to the European Union jumped 93% year-on-year to 76 thousand m3. The [...]

New Zealand log export prices to China fall more than 20% in June

A weaker timber market in China, rising transport costs and exchange rate impacts have contributed to a drop of more [...]

New Zealand’s timber exports could face disruption as Russia seeks to expand to China

    The ongoing war in Ukraine has the potential to disrupt New Zealand’s timber exports, as [...]

Sweden: Wood industry expects large rise in exports to China and the USA in the next 3 years

When the Swedish wood industry looks to the next three years, a large increase in exports is forecast. China and [...]

Belarus: Wood processing companies reorienting exports to Russia and China

In the context of Western sanctions, Belarusian wood processing companies are developing exports to Russia and China.    [...]

Germany, Sweden boost softwood lumber exports to the US

In February 2022, Sweden’s exports of softwood lumber to the U.S. jumped tenfold year-on-year to 107 [...]

European log and lumber supply to China expected to drop in the upcoming years

    Harvesting in Europe may have reached peak levels and reductions in softwood logs from Europe due [...]

China’s plywood exports hit record high

    China’s plywood exports hit a record high According to China Customs plywood exports were 12 [...]