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Wood products exports from Brazil went up by 29% during May

    In May 2019, Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 29% in [...]

Softwood logs exports from the EU to China doubled during Q1/2019

The total European softwood logs deliveries to China have went significantly up during the first quarter of the year, due [...]

China’s plywood exports and prices on the rise

According to the data from China Customs, the volume of China’s 2018 plywood exports was 11.33 million cubic [...]

Turkey’s furniture exports have grown consistently since 2000

Turkey's furniture exports have grown consistently since 2000. The industry's foreign sales achieved an eighteenfold rise to nearly [...]

Russian pine gains market share in the Chinese market

    In recent years, the central and western regions have become a hot spot for China's [...]

Vietnam sharply rising wood products exports might determine a lack of raw materials

With its abundant potential in wood processing, Vietnam is emerging as a major exporter of finished wood products in the [...]

Swedish softwood lumber exports to China collapse, but compensated with booming deliveries to Egypt

    Sweden increased softwood lumber exports to Egypt by 68.2% y-o-y in first quarter [...]

Myanmar allows plantation teak exports

The Myanmar government will again allow the exportation of raw teak and timber from state and privately-owned plantations, Ministry [...]

Brazilian plywood producers worried by fall in exports

    Exports of Brazilian plywood to the United States increased by more than 30 percent between 2017 [...]

Softwood lumber deliveries from EU to US nearly double

          European softwood lumber exports to the USA continued to rise [...]