Wood-based Panels

Wood companies in France seek to restart activity

Each month of lockdown would cost between 2% and 3% growth for the French economy. Under these conditions, French wood [...]

Finland’s sawmill industry expected to be hit hard by the coronavirus crisis

    The coronavirus crisis strikes Finland's forest sector with varying degrees of impact. On the whole [...]

Lockdowns in Europe rewrite economic forecasts

    Economic forecasts issued only a few weeks ago in Europe, which projected continuing slow increase this [...]

German timber industry: Coronavirus worsens the ongoing bark beetle, storm crisis

The German forestry and timber industry was already in a state of emergency before the coronavirus pandemic: storms, drought and [...]

African tropical timber market impacted by the coronavirus crisis

    As the coronavirus pandemic is expanding in many countries of the world, the tropical timber market [...]

N. American wood industry giants announce more production curtailments

Wood business companies in North America are responding to the threats of the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a tracking of [...]

India’s wood industry ceases activity due to strict lockdown measures

    India has taken drastic measures against the spread of the coronavirus entering a strict lockdown. The [...]

Vietnam: Exports of wood products expected to fall sharply as main markets are under lockdown

Vietnam will see significant decline in exports of timber and wooden products in the next three months due to COVID [...]

U.S. forest product companies considered ”essential”; to operate under coronavirus lockdown

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Labor have both said the forest products [...]