Wood-based Panels

EPA introduces new regulation for composite wood products

The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that as of June 1, 2018, all imported and domestically-produced composite wood panels [...]

Supply of Vietnamese eucalyptus plywood is running short

Supply of Vietnamese eucalyptus plywood for crating is getting tight so the distribution volume in Japan is dropping considerably, reports [...]

Norbord reached highest profits among global wood-based panel manufacturer

Canadian panel manufacturer Norbord stood out once again among its peers recording the best performance figures for Q1/2018 period [...]

Plywood importers from EU discuss on FLEGT licensing

Asked about FLEGT licensed Indonesian plywood, many European importers say it had not had significant impact on their purchasing or [...]

Supply pressures affect EU’s plywood imports

Analysis of latest trade figures for plywood supply to the EU tally with importers’ comments. Total EU plywood imports have [...]

Moody’s forecast for global paper and forest products industry upgrades to ‘positive’

Moody’s Corporation, bond credit rating business Moody’s Investors Service, has released a report which has changed the outlook [...]

India: Latest prices for teak, sawnwood and plywood

    The price list for teak, sawnwood and plywood between 1-15 June, 2018.    [...]

US lumber prices fell during last week

    Prices for framing lumber in the US continued to go down, but in some cases the [...]

EU plywood demand cautiously forecast to upbeat 2018’s prospects

    Looking to the future, despite recent supply issues and price hikes, EU importers say that they [...]

Wood products prices in Germany rising in May

    Since the beginning of the year German sawyers have complained about the cheap price of sawmill [...]