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Swedish Setra reports booming sales and profits for Q4/FY 2021

The Swedish wood products company Setra reported an operating profit of SEK 1.6 billion (€154 million) for 2021 - after [...]

EU to ban wood, wood products coming from countries with deforestation risk

    Under new rules unveiled last week, the European Commission plans to ban the sale of agricultural [...]

Foreign companies buy Polish wood en masse; huge rise in raw material prices

    Foreign brokers buy wood from Polish forests on a massive scale. This causes a huge increase [...]

Is there a shortage of wood in Europe?

    The sharp increases in timber prices worldwide since the middle of 2020 do not reflect any [...]

France: Supply shortages, wood prices up 50%

A timber shortage in France has forced prices up as architects struggle to comply with a new environmental law that [...]

Global wood raw material supply is expected to tighten with through 2021

By the last quarter of 2020, timber demand was becoming excessive and record levels continued through Q1, 2021.    [...]

Shortages of wood raw material are widespread in US

More than 90% of US homebuilders report a shortage of lumber, OSB, and appliances.    The National [...]

Turkey to limit export of wood raw materials to avoid shortages

    Turkey has started implementing limitations on exports of some raw materials of furniture, including flakeboard, oriented [...]

Germany: Market situation tense due to low availability of wood

      The domestic demand for wood in Germany has increased overall due to increased exports [...]

Wood raw materials in short supply in Germany

    If the scarcity of raw materials on the German wood market continues, pallet producers and other [...]