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Tropical timber imports to benefit from EU deforestation policies

Increasingly the twin concepts of “zero deforestation” and “embodied deforestation” lie at the heart of European policy making, both in [...]

Metsä Wood opens Kerto® LVL line in Punkaharju, Finland

Metsä Wood, the Wood Products Industry of Metsä Group, inaugurated the new Kerto® LVL line in Punkaharju, Finland. The decision [...]

Tropical wood trade in EU strong this year

The EU’s trade in tropical wood products was more buoyant in the first quarter this year compared to the [...]

China: Boom in timber delivered via railway

    How will the competition between railway transported timber and port timber affect the market structure in [...]

Germany shifts away from imports of tropical wood

Insights into the reasons for Germany’s shift away imports of tropical wood, particularly direct imports, were provided by the [...]

China and New Zealand sign arrangement for forestry cooperation

    New Zealand and China signed an arrangement this week for future forestry cooperation and boosting bilateral [...]

Accsys seeks business expansion for acetylated wood in Asia

 Technologies PLC has announced that its subsidiary, Tricoya Technologies Limited , has now entered into an agreement with Petronas Chemicals Group [...]

Rising interest for Swedish Wood in India

The Indian wood industry is showing strong interest in Swedish Wood.    The 6th edition of the [...]

Metsä Wood starts test runs for its new LVL line

    Metsä Wood has started test runs on the new 65,000 cubic meter Kerto LVL line [...]

Chinese importers in search for low-quality logs

    Total softwood log stocks increased across China during the Lunar New Year holiday period to just [...]