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New wood pellet plant in Vietnam

Biomass Fuel Vietnam Co placed an order with Hekotek for a new complete plant of wooden pellets. According the announcement [...]

Vietnamese wood products exports expected to double in the upcoming years

Vietnam's government is very positive regarding the wood and woodworking industry, as earning export revenues of $18-20 billion [...]

Wood products exports from Vietnam amount to US$5 billion in January-July 2018

    The export revenue of Vietnamese wood and wooden products was estimated at US$4.8 billion [...]

Overview of the Vietnamese wood pellet market

The wood pellet exports from Vietnam have gone from nearly zero to approximately 2.75 million metric tonnes per year [...]

Supply of Vietnamese eucalyptus plywood is running short

Supply of Vietnamese eucalyptus plywood for crating is getting tight so the distribution volume in Japan is dropping considerably, reports [...]

Wooden furniture manufacturers in Vietnam are concerned about raw material shortages

Vietnam's export turnover of all woodwork products during the first four months of 2018 increased significantly.    [...]

Vietnam wood products exports could be undermined by shortage in raw materials

Vietnam’s wood industry faces a quandary as bright export growth prospects are clouded by difficulties in finding necessary raw [...]

US wooden furniture imports from Vietnam and India reach record levels

The US imported US$18.5 billion worth of wooden furniture in 2017, 11% more than in 2016. Imports from [...]

Vietnam wooden products exports reach $9 billion in 2018

    Vietnam's forestry products exports are forecast to reach $9 billion this year. The value of [...]

Wood products exports from Vietnam reaches 11.3% rise Q1-Q3 2017

Vietnam's turnover for wood and woodwork during the first nine months of 2017 amounted to $5.55 billion, representing [...]