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Vietnam plywood companies to face increased trade risks

China has invested in 29 plywood projects worth over US$150 million in Vietnam, becoming the country’s largest plywood [...]

US to examine plywood imports from Vietnam

The United States on Wednesday said it would examine whether hardwood plywood imports completed in Vietnam using Chinese components are [...]

Vietnamese wood products exports rise despite pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact, the wood industry still enjoyed 3.2 billion USD in exports in the [...]

South Korea’s Dongwha to build large MDF plant in Vietnam

Dongwha Enterprise, one of South Korea’s best wood materials manufacturer, began construction of its very first independent production facility [...]

Vietnam’s main business partners suspend wood products import orders

The export market shares of wood and wooden products of Vietnam are mainly in the US, Japan, Europe, and China [...]

Vietnam’s wood industry faces coronavirus pandemic and anti-dumping tariffs

    The widespread coronavirus  pandemic has resulted in a serious disruption of the supply chains. Besides difficulties [...]

Huge impact of pandemic on the Vietnamese timber sector, says survey

In the recent decade, based on 2 key competitive advantages, including cheap labour (average monthly wage of US$300) and [...]

South Korea could impose anti-dumping duty on plywood from Vietnam

The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has decided to ask the Ministry of Economy and Finance to [...]

Vietnamese wood processing companies have suspended or reduced operations

Vietnamese wood processing firms have reduced production or suspended operations as most of the major importing countries for their products [...]