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China to buy bark beetle-infested spruce from Germany, spurning Canada

    The bark beetle has been a headache for Andreas Voss, chief wood marketer of Germany's [...]

German exports of logs at record pace

    Germany continued to export logs at record pace in early 2020, with almost 50% of the [...]

German spruce lumber puts pressure on Finnish and Russian exports to China

After February, a large volume of German spruce lumber was reported at the Chinese ports, with imports reaching approximately 340 [...]

Lithuania: Roundwood prices fall sharply in March 2020

    In March 2020, pine logs in Lithuania were priced at € 56/ m3 (-24% compared to March [...]

Estonian roundwood prices pick up in March

    The prices for roundwood in Estonia have mostly increased during March 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic [...]

Severe crisis in Central Europe due to the bark beetle infestation

    Between 2017 and 2019, over 270 million m3 of standing timber in Central Europe has been [...]

Sweden: Roundwood prices see sharp drop in Q1/2020

Pine logs cost now an average of 478 SEK/m3 (EUR 44.91/m3), while spruce logs cost SEK 501 [...]

Bark beetle infestation starts to spread in Central European countries

Since mid-April, bark beetles have also been spotted in large parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to [...]

Estonia: Roundwood prices way lower compared to last year

     In February 2020, roundwood prices in Estonia have dropped sharply as compared to a year ago [...]

Roundwood prices in Finland start to rise in March

Trade of roundwood in non-industrial private forests went up in March. However, it was one fifth smaller than the [...]