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German wood prices: 50 percent more money for spruce logs

German forest owners received around 50 percent more money for spruce logs in November. Overall, raw wood prices for producers [...]

Low interest of Chinese timber traders for European spruce logs

The latest news reflects that the greater downward pressure on the price of New Zealand radiata pine logs in the [...]

Germany: Spruce log prices up 35% yoy

    The wood prices have risen sharply recently. However, the price increase for German forest owners was [...]

China: European spruce log inventory still low; prices slightly on the rise

At the moment, China's domestic spruce log inventory is less than 900,000 cubic meters.     [...]

Record roundwood prices in Austria

    At the end of July, Spruce / fir roundwood (quality B, 2b) in Austria was sold between [...]

Prices for imported German spruce logs in China drop sharply in June

    According to Chinese importers contacted by Timber Industry News, on average in China, the German spruce [...]

European spruce log prices fall sharply in China

In China the prices for softwood logs decreased by 20 € last week due to the standard summer halting demand.  [...]

Bark beetle crisis drags log prices down in the Czech Republic

    Last year saw a record 35.8 million cubic meters of wood logged in the Czech [...]

Prices for imported European spruce logs in China at record highs

For the Chinese timber import market, 2021 can be described as a crazy year. The prices of most wood species [...]

European spruce logs and lumber exports to China see strong rise in Q1-Q3/2020

   Despite the ongoing corona crisis which has slowed trade in many European countries, EU spruce logs and spruce [...]
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