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Canadian lumber industry wants to be paid back for US duties

    Canada’s softwood lumber industry wants the Biden administration to refund billions of dollars that companies [...]

N. American lumber price rally seems to stall

The unprecedented rally in the lumber market has begun to falter, but industry analysts expect lumber prices to remain at [...]

European softwood lumber to the US up by 34% in Q1/2021

      A booming demand in the US doubled by insufficient wood availability on the North [...]

US lumber prices continue to drop signaling boom may be easing

    The surge of US lumber prices has dropped from records for the first time in months [...]

US Commerce Chief aims long-term lumber deal with Canada

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said she wants to find a “long-term solution” to Washington’s long-running [...]

Global timber shortage puts UK supply chain under ‘enormous pressure’

Leading voices from the UK construction industry have warned of faltering availability and rapidly rising costs of basic materials such [...]

U.S. to double tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber

The U.S. Department of Commerce issued its preliminary determination in the second administrative review of Canadian softwood lumber imports [...]

US homebuilders push for new softwood lumber agreement with Canada

U.S. Lumber Coalition says duties a small part of record price    With record North American [...]

US housing construction and home sales push lumber prices even higher

As April ended and the usual construction season starts to come on in Canada and the U.S., demand for [...]

Prices of N. American softwood lumber surpass impossible highs

    There aren't many adjectives left to describe these non-stop increasing lumber prices. Customers who [...]