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European softwood lumber exports to US double yoy; export prices fall

European softwood lumber exports to the USA almost doubled in the first seven months of the year, with the pace [...]

N. American softwood lumber prices rise 10%, despite weak housing market

North American softwood lumber prices broke a three-week losing streak and edged higher on Friday, extending its three-day [...]

Outlook for N. American softwood lumber prices for this autumn

    In August, the lumber futures price did not fall below the August 2021 $448 low. On [...]

France’s softwood sawmills report significant market slowdown

  At the start of September, many sawmill owners in France are asking themselves questions about the evolution of [...]

Softwood supply in UK far in excess of demand

      UK softwood trading has continued its subdued trend into August with supply far in [...]
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China’s demand for softwood logs and lumber still sluggish in the third quarter

    The implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures in China in the first half of the [...]

France: Lumber prices for Q2/2022

As the below table shows, Q2/2022 prices for various lumber products in France have shown a considerable rise both [...]

N. American lumber prices recover somewhat, after steep drop

    During these months of deep summer when construction activity is still going on but lumber sales [...]

N. American lumber futures bounce back as Canada cuts output

     West Fraser shutters 2.5% of its North America capacity     Lumber prices [...]

North American softwood lumber prices fall to a new low this year

     Softwood lumber prices continued their downtrend on Wednesday, falling 5% to a new 2022 low of [...]