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N. American softwood lumber market finds supply-demand balance

For the moment it seems the North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber market has found a supply-demand balance [...]

Germany, Sweden boost softwood lumber exports to the US

In February 2022, Sweden’s exports of softwood lumber to the U.S. jumped tenfold year-on-year to 107 [...]

The race to replace Russia to increase the demand for Finnish softwood lumber

    The next few years will see a major change in the Finnish forest industry, as Russia [...]

Could Russia and China increase log and softwood lumber trade?

    Before the onset of the global financial crisis , Russia was China’s primary softwood log supplier [...]

U.S. softwood lumber imports from European suppliers fall sharply

U.S. softwood lumber imports from offshore suppliers fell sharply in the fourth quarter, extending a second-half fade after [...]

China: Sharp rise in prices for imported softwood lumber

    According to data from China’s Customs 2021 lumber imports totaled 28.84 million cubic meters [...]

Softwood lumber production in US up slightly in Jan.-Nov. 2021

    Recovering somewhat from multiple supply disruptions, for January to November 2021 softwood lumber production volumes across [...]

Chinese softwood lumber imports drop 26% in 2021

    China’s imports of softwood lumber in 2021 declined by -26.2% year-over-year to [...]

N. American softwood lumber prices surge at year end

    A huge disruption to transportation for most of November from the critical lumber producing basket of [...]

Reactions to US decision to double Canadian softwood lumber tariffs

    As the U.S. Department of Commerce issued its final determination in the second administrative review [...]