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Massive price drops for logs in Austria due to bark beetle infestation and coronavirus crisis

The log market in Austria is currently impacted by the bark beetle infestation and the coronavirus crisis in June.  [...]

ULK Group to build a mega sawmill in Russia

    Russia's ULK Group is investing more than Euro 400 million in one of the country [...]

EOS GA concludes: Coronavirus crisis has taken a heavy toll for many sawmills across Europe

In general the coronavirus crisis has taken a heavy toll for many sawmills across Europe. While some forecasts some weeks [...]

First B.C. sawmill in 15 years starts production

    Following a 2017 purchase of a former Coulson Manufacturing mill in Port Alberni, B.C., by [...]

Many companies interested in Klausner’s Lumber One sawmill in Florida

    The Klausner Lumber One sawmill in Live Oak, Florida is said to have a new owner [...]

Ilim Timber to modernize sawmill with Swedish equipment

Ilim Timber signed a contract with AriVislanda AB for the supply of Swedish sawmill equipment to its branch in Ust [...]

Klausner Lumber One to be sold in 90 days

The Klausner Group's first US sawmill, Klausner Lumber One in Florida, is scheduled to be sold within 90 days [...]

63% of US wood manufacturers remain operational

    A recent survey by the Wood Component Manufacturers Association provides insight into the challenges faced by [...]

Södra ends furlough in Mönsterås sawmill

Södra has now ended the furlough scheme introduced at the sawmill and port at Mönsterås in April [...]

Swedish sawmill industry performed better than those in other countries during pandemic

    The shutdown of economies around the world due to the virus pandemic has affected Swedish sawmill [...]