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Russia might restrict roundwood exports to China

Russia can temporarily restrict roundwood exports to China due to the issues of forest reproduction and destruction, Minister of Natural [...]
November 13, 2018 Latest Trends / Forestry / ...Sawmilling / China / Russia

Roundwood prices in Sweden get to their lowest level in the last 20 years

The delivery prices on sawlog and pulpwood prices in Sweden rose by 5.5 percent and 3.4 percent respectively [...]

Bark beetle infestation halves roundwood prices in the Czech Republic

Forests in the Czech Republic are suffering. Frequent periods of prolonged draught have weakened trees, leaving them prone to harmful [...]

Roundwood prices in Finland forecast to grow by 10% in 2018

Increasing demand due to good economic prospects and recent investments will boost the use of roundwood this year in Finland [...]

Romanian wood processing industry affected by supply shortage and rising prices for lumber

The volume of the exploited wood in 2017 in Romania reached 17.898 m3 of which 6.325 m3 are [...]

Norwegian roundwood prices up by 15% during Q2/2018

In Norway, a total of 2.80 million cubic metres of industrial roundwood were cut for sale in the second [...]

Roundwood prices in Estonia reach higher levels than in 2017

The prices for roundwood in Estonia stabilized in July. Most of the products are at the levels of the previous [...]

Sweden: Sawlog prices on the rise in Q2/2018

The second quarter of 2018 shows rising sawlog prices in Sweden on a yearly basis. Pine sawlogs are more expensive [...]

Rising roundwood prices in Finland

Roundwood prices in Finland have mostly increased in May, both as compared to April as well as compared to the [...]

Prices for roundwood in Estonia significantly higher than in 2017

    In June 2018, the prices for roundwood in Estonia are significantly higher as compared to the [...]