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Price overview for hardwood logs in Europe

Prices for oak logs continued to increase strongly in the autumn on the back of strong demand throughout Europe. The [...]

France: Oak prices see unprecedented price surge

  Rarely has a rise in wood prices been so sharp and brutal in France. While oak prices took [...]

COVID-19 disrupts growth in the European hardwood industry

    At the start of the year, before the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were felt [...]

Prices of oak in France under pressure

After 4 weeks of interruption, sales resumed in April in France's public forests. Because of the lockdown measures, they [...]

Germany’s parquet market sees increasing demand from China

    During the first three quarters of 2018, the sales of German parquet fell by 5% year [...]

Oak lumber restrictions lifted in Croatia

The transport restrictions for oak wood in Croatia which have the purpose of preventing the propagation of the oak lace [...]
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Latest trends in the European oak market

    Prices across the range of temperate species are said to be firm thanks to demand levels [...]

Sawmills in France at risk because of higher oak logs demand from China

China's increased demand for wood has made the oak logs exports from France to boom. Moreover, the larger demand [...]

Oak market in EU countries is under a lot of tension

EU countries hit hardest by the Ukrainian ban, says the European Organisation of Sawmill Industries (EOS), are Romania, Slovakia, Poland [...]

European oak producers protest against exports

One prized timber has been the object of protests on the Champs Élysées, a free trade legal challenge by [...]