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Phytosanitary controls to be extended to UK wood product imports from EU countries

A significant impact of the UK’s exit from the EU single market on 1st January is the requirement for [...]

UK to implement post-Brexit Tariff Schedule on wood products

Starting 1st January the UK has implemented a new “Global Tariff” regime which closely mirrors the existing EU tariff regime [...]

Ukraine wood export ban found illegal in EU

The final ruling of a dispute settlement panel set up under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement found that the Ukrainian [...]
December 21, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

EU wood market challenging as many countries go back into lockdown

   It remains to be seen whether the recovery in EU wood market will be sustained as there are [...]

EU tropical timber imports stronger than expected

Total EU27 (i.e. excluding the UK) import value of tropical wood and wood furniture products was US$1.98 [...]

EU launches anti-dumping procedure for birch plywood imports from Russia

    The European Union has launched an anti-dumping procedure for the import of birch plywood from [...]

European Parliament launches forest strategy

    On October 7th, the EU Parliament launched the EU Forest Strategy from 2021 in a non [...]
October 26, 2020 Latest Trends / Forestry / ...Sawmilling / Europe

EU plywood trade recovers, but Covid-19 to slice 10-20% of 2020 profits

It’s still too early to say for sure, but it’s variously estimated by European plywood importers and distributors [...]

EU Commission climate plan to limit growth in forestry and biomass sector

While recognising the positive role of forests in mitigating global warming, the European Commission has riled the agroforestry and biomass [...]

EU carbon market set to include shipping

    Given that wood exports are impacted by ocean freight rates the following news may have an [...]