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European plywood markets shaken by strong pressure

    Some European importers say the deterioration in market conditions started from the beginning of the year [...]

The EU plywood sector affected by negative factors

    As the year has progressed, the European plywood sector has become increasingly depressed. That’s the [...]

New rules for US hardwood logs exports to the European Union

The new EU implementing directive 2019/523 of 21 March 2019 (available on request) concerns the protection measures against the [...]

European countries to benefit from US-China trade war

The additional tariffs on US imports from China threatened by US President Donald Trump would damage China, while giving the [...]

EU imported more tropical sawnwood this year

Total EU tropical sawn wood imports for January to May were ahead 13.9% on the 2018 figure at 405 [...]

EU hardwood trade steady despite many challenges

    While uncertainty surrounding Brexit may be casting a shadow over the UK market the wider EU [...]

Current trends in Europe’s industrial wood pellet market

In markets such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands residential use is negligible and the demand for wood [...]

EU wood furniture imports on a downward trend

The generally slow development of the EU wood furniture market in 2018 is also apparent in the import data. After [...]

Vietnam-EU FTA to boost deliveries of Vietnamese wood products to the European market

    Vietnam and the European Union (EU) last week signed a landmark free trade deal that will [...]

Softwood logs exports from the EU to China doubled during Q1/2019

The total European softwood logs deliveries to China have went significantly up during the first quarter of the year, due [...]