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Australian timber industry could be hardly hit if government imposes sanctions on Russian imports

The Australian timber and construction industry fears more risk to its lumber supply chain if the government imposes sanctions on [...]

Australia’s softwood log exports: Indian market not yet able to fill the Chinese void

November 2021 was the thirteenth consecutive month to record declines in Australia’s annual softwood log exports, with the annual [...]

Australia: Timberlink to upgrade sawmill build new CLT plant

Timberlink’s Tarpeena sawmill, located in South Australia, is undergoing a multi-million-dollar expansion. The project will include an [...]

James Jones & Sons Ltd. takes 60% stake in Australian Hyne Timber

    James Jones & Sons Ltd., a family-owned and managed forest products company, now under its [...]

Lumber shortages in Australia threaten construction industry

    After timber shortages devastated the North American construction industry, Australia is predicted to soon follow.  [...]

India could replace China as a substitute market for Australian timber

In November 2020, China claimed that harmful organisms were detected in multiple batches of logs imported from Australia. The Australian [...]

Australian softwood log exports crash due to China ban, prices stable

Australia’s average softwood log export price slumped to a reported AUDFob109/m3 in May 2021, down 16% on the [...]

Australia: Log exports to China remain suspended with no end in sight to trade dispute

    Australia's forestry sector claims there are no signs of any movement by Chinese officials to [...]

Australia’s timber faces a long-term deadlock due to the freezing of Chinese imports

    Australia is preparing to completely interrupt its annual timber trade with China after Beijing Customs' request [...]

Australian request to China to resume timber exports ignored by Beijing officials

Australia is bracing for a drawn-out disruption to its A$1.6 billion ($1.23 billion) annual timber trade [...]