Stora Enso to close sawmill in Finland

Stora Enso to close sawmill in Finland

Efora, that specialises in industrial maintenance and engineering services, owned by Finnish-Swedish forest industry company Stora Enso, begins employer-employee negotiations with sawmill maintenance personnel.

Stora Enso's intention to concentrate the production of spruce sawn timber in Varkaus in Finland and close down the Kitee sawmill in Finland is also reflected in the maintenance of the company. Efora is responsible for the maintenance of the sawmills, so preparations for the possible closure of the Kitee sawmill are being prepared through employer-employee negotiations.

The negotiations concern sawmill maintenance workers in Joensuu, Kitee, Varkaus and Lappeenranta in Finland.

As previously announced by Stora Enso, the objective is to improve profitability and competitiveness by creating a fully integrated sawmill for spruce production in Varkaus, optimising the synergies from the existing LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), pulp and board mills.

The consolidation plan is part of Stora Enso’s profit protection programme of EUR 120 million targeting reductions in variable and fixed costs. The possible consolidation is subject to completion of the co-determination negotiations at Kitee sawmill. The production at Kitee sawmill is planned to be stopped gradually until the end of 2019.



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