Raute to deliver modern veneer drying and lay-up technology to China

Raute to deliver modern veneer drying and lay-up technology to China

Raute has signed a contract with Guoxu-Springwood Wood Panel Company in Guangxi province in South China for delivering a modern veneer dryer and automated lay-up lines, including Raute Mecano analyzers for quality control and modern moisture control.

The ordered machinery and equipment will be delivered by the end of 2020. The equipment will be engineered and produced mainly in Raute's production unit in Shanghai, China. Some engineering will be done in Raute’s units in Vancouver, Canada and Nastola, Finland. The grading technology, vision and moisture, will be delivered from Raute’s unit in Kajaani, Finland.

“China is the biggest plywood manufacturing country in the whole world, and we have been working hard to get into this market. We are extremely proud and thankful of the trust Guoxu-Springwood has placed on us in developing the most modern plywood factory in China. We take on this challenge humbly and seriously. The modern dryer and machine vision and moisture measurement systems we will deliver tackles the core of the plywood industry’s quality challenges in China. On the other hand, the automated lay-up lines respond to the need to improve productivity. The factory will indeed be the most modern in China”, says Tapani Kiiski, President and CEO, Raute Corporation.

Guoxu-Springwood Wood Panel Company, a part of Guoxu Group, is a plywood producer in Guangxi Province in South China. It belongs to the state-owned Guangxi Forest Administration with a long tradition in forest management and production of various wood products including plywood. Their new investment shall have a yearly capacity of 100,000 m3 plywood based mostly on Eucalyptus veneer from Guangxi Province.



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