Finnish log prices on a rising trend

Finnish log prices on a rising trend

Roundwood prices in Finland have increased sharply in November 2018, as compared to the same month of 2017. Sawlog prices have increased, with the price for pine recording the highest increase, at 9.21% over the same month of 2017. Spruce and birch prices recorded increases of 8.66% and 4.58%, respectively.

Pine logs could be bought in November for EUR 63.18/m3, while spruce and birch prices amounted to EUR 65.03/m3 and EUR 51.52/m3, respectively.

All pulpwood prices well over the November 2017. Spruce pulpwood price went up by 16.73% as compared to November 2017. Also, the price for pine pulpwood increased by 16.43% as compared to the same month of 2017, while the price of birch pulpwood was +17.20% higher as compared to November 2017

In November 2017, pine pulpwood could be bought at EUR 32.52/m3, while spruce and birch were priced at EUR 34.71/m3 and EUR 32.77/m3 respectively.

Roadside prices of roundwood in Finland EUR/m³ over bark  November 2017 October 2018 November 2018 Change November 2017/November 2018
Pine logs 57.85 63.06 63.18 +9.21%
Spruce logs 59.91 64.97 65.03 +8.66%
Birch logs 49.26 51.49 51.52 +4.58%
Pine pulpwood 27.93 31.96 32.52 +16.43%
Spruce pulpwood 29.82 34.35 34.71 +16.73%
Birch pulpwood 27.96 32.84 32.77 +17.20%



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