Brazilian wood products exports rise in March

Brazilian wood products exports rise in March

In March 2019, Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 3.4% in value compared to March 2018, from US$ 270.8 million to US$ 279.9 million.

The value of pine sawnwood exports increased 13.5% between March 2018 (US$44.6 million) and March 2019 (US$50.6 million). In terms of volume, exports increased 29% over the same period, from 211,700 cu.m to 273.9 cu.m.

Tropical sawnwood export volumes rose 24% from 38,100 cu.m in March 2018 to 47,400 cu.m in March 2019. The value of these exports increased 15% from US$17.5 million to US$20.1 million over the same period.

In contrast, the value of pine plywood exports dipped 12% in March 2019 in comparison with March 2018, from US$64.3 million to US$56.5 million but in volume trems there was a slight rise from 194,600 cu.m to 206,300 cu.m. Tropical plywood exports also declined in March from 16,600 cu.m (US$7.1 million) in March 2018 to 9,600 cu.m (US$ .6 million) in March 2019.

The growth in furniture exports slowed in March with the value rising to just US$45 million from the US$ 44 million in March 2018.



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