Turkey becomes the largest MDF producer in the EU

After Turkey strengthened its export markets in the last two decades, they have now become the largest medium-density fiberboard (MDF) producer in Europe.

According to Şirzat Subaşı, Advanced Technology in Wood Industry (AGT) Sales and Marketing Group Head, Turkey has recorded an 82% growth in the amount of MDF produced, in parallel with the world production, which has grown 69% in the last 6 years, as Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Subaşı added that “we’re making regional optimization using dealer stores as our primary business partners when delivering our products to consumers,” referring to AGT, a company from Antalya, which produces wood material for exports, and has a 15% share in the Turkish fiberboard market.

AGT plans to extend its export market, which is now covering 60 countries, among which the US and several EU countries.

Orçun Kuyucuoğlu, the consulting services manager at Ernst & Young Turkey, said that “specifying and analyzing target markets to develop corporate roadmaps would be a giant step toward the AGT’s mid-term and longstanding success.

Subaşı advised the companies that create wood material to be more careful about the quality for end users of wood products, rather than the price sensitivity of the materials. A sustainable wood supply method would balance the wood material production in Turkey, which is now importing raw wood materials from Russia, Ukraine, Cameroon, Bulgaria and Romania to make wood products for furniture and home decoration. He added that 27% of Turkey’s surface is forest, and 50% of it may be productive.



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