ISO published new standard for chain of custody of wood products

ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) has published a new, voluntary standard for chain of custody (CoC) of wood and [...]

Demand for Chinese redwood furniture slowing down

Many timber suppliers in the Shanghai Furen timber market are complaining that demand for timber for furniture making has suddenly [...]

West Fraser temporarily stops production at 3 of its sawmills in BC

    West Fraser announced temporary curtailments of approximately three weeks of production throughout the first quarter of [...]

Chinese traders are worried over rising prices of US hardwoods caused by trade war

The trade friction between China and the United States has been on everyone’s mind in 2018, especially Chinese manufacturers [...]

Södra lowers the spruce and pine logs prices as a result of economy slowdown

Södra is adjusting the purchase price for spruce and pine logs as well as fuel wood. Södra is [...]

Trends in US lumber prices in the vary at the beginning of 2018

    The first full workweek of the year generated more inquiries and sales of framing lumber in [...]

Logs & sawnwood prices in Central/West Africa keep stable

Across the Central/West African region producers report no major change in overall international market sentiment since the end of [...]

Irish forestry industry production forecast to double by 2035

    The Irish forestry industry might invest around €250 million during the next years, in the preparation [...]

Lumber market in North America forecast to go up in 2019, along with rise in prices

    Growth in U.S. domestic softwood lumber consumption is expected to continue next year and well [...]

Tropical wood imports in Europe affected by low supplies

Looking at factors behind the sales trends, European importers earlier reported supply issues out of Asia due to an extended [...]