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Vietnam imports large quantities of timber and wood products from the US

    Vietnam has been moving towards building a sustainable wood processing industry that uses legal materials in [...]

New technology promises to create 3D printed wood products

A 3D printing process that uses a wood-based ink to produce components with the unique ‘ultrastructure’ of wood has [...]

India: June prices for Indian teak, plywood and sawnwood

    Latest prices for Indian teak, plywood and sawnwood - 1-15 June 2019     [...]

Vietnam sharply rising wood products exports might determine a lack of raw materials

With its abundant potential in wood processing, Vietnam is emerging as a major exporter of finished wood products in the [...]

Wood products trade in China continues to rise

    The total value of China’s wood products trade rose 6% to US$163.5 billion [...]

More than 600 US companies want to urge Trump to end tariffs of Chinese products

    Companies across a wide array of industries have almost uniformly opposed the Trump administration's plan [...]

Current trends in the Russian wood product industry

    The Russian wood product industry is one of the world’s most dynamic ones thanks to [...]

Vietnam to block Chinese relabeled wood products exported to the US

Vietnam has said it would crackdown on goods of Chinese origin illegally relabeled “Made in Vietnam” by exporters seeking to [...]

France: Lumber prices list for Q1/2019

    The following price list is a collection of prices for lumber and wood products in France [...]

China: Prices of main wood products in April 2019

      This index contains the April 2019 updated prices of logs and lumber from the [...]