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Germany: Producer price index for sawn softwood shows mixed developments

    According to the Federal Statistical Office, the German producer price indices for commercial products such as [...]

Latvian sawmills reduce production; sawlog prices fall in October

    As a result of overproduction, Latvian timber prices have fallen slightly, perhaps temporarily. Average pulpwood prices [...]

Latvia: Wood prices have reached a temporary low, no further falls expected

    Latvian wood processing company SIA "Kronus" predicts for the fourth quarter of 2022 that wood prices [...]

Poland’s wood industry in crisis, as raw material prices are expected to skyrocket

    The Polish wood industry is protesting against the decisions of the State Forests, which lead to [...]

Polish wood industry expected to face market slowdown in the coming quarters

    Poland's wood industry is one of those branches of domestic processing in which Polish producers [...]

Skyrocketing firewood prices, shortages spread across Europe

    As gas and electricity prices skyrocket, many households in Europe are turning to firewood as an [...]

Latvia: The price of wood has experienced unprecedented fluctuations

In the first half of 2022, the price of wood in Latvia has experienced unprecedented fluctuations, starting with atypical price [...]

Belgium: Worries about availability of wood; prices on the rise

Wood traders in Belgium are currently experiencing an unusually high demand for firewood. The reason for this is the high [...]

Wood prices in Germany soaring until May- signs of correction since June

Wood prices in Germany rose steeply up until May. Now there are first signs of a correction, especially for softwood [...]

Rising costs cast doubt on Vietnamese wood companies growth prospects

As wood export turnover is rebounding with rising demand in the domestic market, the revenues of Vietnamese wood enterprises are [...]