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Wood industry at COP 27: Combining climate protection and business

    At the COP 27 UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Austria's timber [...]

Estonian wood sector companies faced with inevitable layoffs

    Problems with economic performance have forced several woodworking companies in Estonia to optimize their production volumes [...]
November 15, 2022 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Global economic slowdown overshadows near-term market outlook for the wood industry

Most countries in the world are experiencing slower economic growth or economic contraction. Certainly, those with global influence are performing [...]

Analysis: Energy crisis in Europe-consequences for the wood industry

As winter approaches, the energy crisis in Europe is putting increased pressure on the economy in general and on the [...]

Polish wood industry expected to face market slowdown in the coming quarters

    Poland's wood industry is one of those branches of domestic processing in which Polish producers [...]

Estonian wood industry hit hard by falling prices and lower demand

    Estonian lumber producers are facing a harsh reality, where the price of wood is falling and [...]

Sweden: Wood industry expects large rise in exports to China and the USA in the next 3 years

When the Swedish wood industry looks to the next three years, a large increase in exports is forecast. China and [...]

Where is the French wood industry heading in 2022?

It is difficult to say today how the French timber market will evolve in 2022. Due to the health crisis [...]

Massive investment plans in the France’s wood industry

French President Emmanuel Macron has officially announced a "France 2030 Investment Plan" with a total investment of 30 billion euros [...]

French wood industry gets pivotal role in plans to achieve climate objectives

As part of the France 2030 plan and to enable France to achieve its climate objectives, the wood industry will [...]