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EU plans to ban wood imports from Russia

    The European Commission proposed on Tuesday to EU nations sweeping new sanctions against Russia, including banning [...]

EU to ban wood, lumber imports from Belarus

    The European Union has banned most imports from Belarus over its involvement in Russia's invasion [...]

Wood imports recover in India, despite surge in prices

    As the real estate demand has gradually begun to resume in India, the demand for processed [...]

Egyptian importers report high prices for wood imports and short supply

Egyptian wood importers are between the hammer of the global market and the anvil of the domestic market.   [...]

Egypt’s: Wood imports in scarce supply, insane price increases

Temporary imports glut. This is the accurate description of the situation in Egypt, where the late arrival of wood to [...]
May 18, 2021 Forestry / Industry Prices / ...Sawmilling / Africa / Europe

Chinese wood processing companies strongly impacted by slow demand abroad

     78% of China's wood processing companies currently are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, while [...]

Sharp fall in Chinese wood and wood products imports in Q1/2020

According to Chinese customs statistics, in the first quarter of 2020, China’s wood and wood products imports were 15 [...]

Chinese wood imports to stabilize despite a slowing economy and high 2019 domestic stocks

China’s 2019 imports of wood products are projected to stabilize despite a slowing economy and high 2019 domestic stocks [...]

Vietnam wood imports at record high due to the rapidly expanding processing sector

    In 2018, Vietnam’s wood processing industry imported the roundwood equivalent nearly 10 million cu.m [...]

Changing trends in Eastern European wood imports

While there was some increase in imports by a few western European countries in 2018, eastern EU countries recorded much [...]