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Global trade of wood chips drops sharply in 2020

Global trade of wood chips, which are mainly used by pulpmills, grew from about 21 million tons in 2009 to [...]

European trade of wood chips up substantially as sawmills ramp up production

    Softwood lumber production in Europe has increased steadily increased over the past five years. Consequently, additional [...]

Australia’s role as a hardwood chip supplier to China and Japan dramatically diminished

    Hardwood chip exports from Australia fell 14% from 2018 to 2019, the first y-o-y [...]

Vietnamese woodchip prices crash

Woodchip producers in many provinces of Vietnam are suffering from rapidly declining prices.    Last year the [...]

China’s imports of logs, lumber, pulp and wood chips collapse in Jan.-Feb. 2020

The coronavirus epidemic in China has resulted in sharply reduced importation of forest products in early 2020. During January and [...]

Accsys announces plans to build Tricoya wood chip plant in Hull, UK

Accsys announced an agreement to build, operate and finance the world’s first Tricoya® wood chip manufacturing plant in Hull [...]

Innovative wood chips drying technology developed in Finland

Finnish researchers are currently studying a more efficient means of drying wood chips, one that is said to be efficient [...]
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