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West Fraser expects sharp drop in lumber production for 2019

The Canadian company reported lumber inventories reduced by approximately 150 million board feet in Q2/2019, and expects a 600 [...]

West Fraser announced operations curtailment in Alberta, US

On the 1st of July, West Fraser announced a temporary, two-week suspension of production at its Alberta Plywood operations [...]

West Fraser to close Chasm lumber mill

    West Fraser announced its intention to permanently close its Chasm lumber mill and eliminate the third [...]

West Fraser curtails production at five sawmills

West Fraser announced temporary production curtailments during which all mill activities will be curtailed for one week in June at [...]

West Fraser curtails production at two sawmills in BC

West Fraser announced temporary production curtailments for a duration of approximately two weeks at two British Columbia sawmills: Chasm and [...]

West Fraser temporarily stops production at 3 of its sawmills in BC

    West Fraser announced temporary curtailments of approximately three weeks of production throughout the first quarter of [...]

West Fraser to curtail production at 4 sawmills in BC

West Fraser announced it will implement temporary production curtailments over the holiday period at four of its British Columbia sawmills [...]

West Fraser permanently curtails lumber production at Fraser Lake and Quesnel sawmills

West Fraser announced it will permanently curtail approximately 300 million board feet of combined lumber production at its Fraser Lake [...]

West Fraser grows the company’s lumber capacity in U.S. South and Western Canada

West Fraser continues to grow its lumber business in the U.S. South and in western Canada. The company announced [...]