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Demand weakens in UK softwood market

    The solid UK softwood market is uncharacteristically quiet for this time of year, and buyers are [...]

UK’s demand for softwood likely to slow in Q3 and Q4

    Steady demand and increasing operational costs ensured that timber prices and import volumes in UK remained [...]

UK boosts imports of lower-priced Latvian hardwoods

    UK hardwood import volumes shot up by 30% in Q1 2022 as compared to the same [...]

Ante Group plans additional focus on UK market

    German sawmiller the Ante Group is planning a fresh focus on the UK and Ireland timber [...]

UK birch plywood market impacted by Russia trade sanctions

    Birch plywood is the largest single UK timber product category which will be directly affected by [...]

UK wood pellet market looking for new suppliers

Changes to global supply chains brought on by the crisis in Ukraine, as well as increased demand across Europe, have [...]

Timber prices in UK rise again in March after months of decrease

Material prices in the UK have shot up again after months of gradual decrease, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine [...]

UK’s lumber imports return to pre-Covid levels

A slow-down in house-building and housing repair in the first quarter of 2022 is being reflected in lumber [...]

Timber prices up 35% in Europe with further rises likely due to war pressure

    European market prices for certain timber products are up 35% as a result of the Ukraine [...]

UK imposes 35% additional import tariffs on Russian wood products

    The UK government has added a 35% additional import tariff on Russian and Belarusian wood products [...]