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Asian buyers of African tropical timber slowly returning; prices for EU market up

    It has been reported that buyers for the Chinese and other Asian markets are slowly returning [...]

African tropical timber exports driven down by pandemic

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has adversely affected West Africa’s export markets, imports, foreign investment, tourism and remittances [...]

European demand for African tropical timber weakens

The impact of pandemic control measures have hit West African timber producers across the region hard, coming as it has [...]

Cautious optimism in UK hardwood market

    Insights into the status of the UK sawn hardwood market came from a webinar organised by [...]

No pandemic impact in March EU tropical timber trade data

    The lack of any strong COVID signal in the tropical timber trade data to the end [...]

Tropical timber trade in West Africa sluggish

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get trade news from West Africa. Communication channels have not been affected by pandemic [...]

EU tropical timber trade weakened before COVID lockdown

Having reached the highest level in more than a decade in October 2019, EU27+UK trade in tropical wood and [...]

Worldwide demand for African tropical timber decreasing

Millers in West Africa have provided some comments on shipping opportunities and market developments saying they have been told ports [...]

Timber supplies to the Netherlands disrupted by pandemic

The Netherlands had a less strict lockdown than some of its neighbours and began its five-phase plan to ease [...]

European organisations call for FLEGT measures to be extended and deepened

While there was broad support for the FLEGT process and the EUTR, there was also a call for the FLEGT [...]