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Current trends in the global forest industry

    Record-high lumber prices in North America and Europe have moved both sawlog demand and values [...]

Current trends in global sawn softwood market

On February 18, the Wood from Finland Conference 2021 took place organized by Sahateollisuus, the Finnish Member of the European [...]

What will be the trend of wood prices in N. America in 2021?

    In 2020, the North American lumber prices have gone in unexpected ways while coming out from [...]

2020 trends in the global lumber market

    In North America at least, 2019 will be remembered as the hangover from the 2018 first [...]

Trends in the global wood pellets market in the next 10 years

    Western Europe has long been the world’s largest market for wood pellets used in heat [...]

Investment flows in global furniture industry starting to change

The recent globalisation trend, which has been so much a feature of the industry and contributed to the rapid expansion [...]

Latest trends of China’s timber market

1. China’s first high-rise wood framework building  A ceremony was held recently to launch the China [...]
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