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Russian timber companies fallen into serious losses; ask for government help

A few days ago, the Russian timber industry, through regional officials, asked the government to take new support measures in [...]

Ireland: Falling timber prices in Q3/2022

Economic uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine and a decline in consumer confidence is impacting on timber prices in [...]

Poland’s wood industry in crisis, as raw material prices are expected to skyrocket

    The Polish wood industry is protesting against the decisions of the State Forests, which lead to [...]

UK working group signals likely impact of rising energy costs on timber prices

      Rising energy costs are likely to affect timber prices in Q4 and Q1 2023 [...]

Poland’s wood industry calls for change in State Forests’ sales policy

    Organizations representing entrepreneurs in Poland's timber industry whose existence depends on the availability of wood [...]

Prices for sawn timber in Europe expected to continue falling in Q3 and Q4

The invasion of Russia in Ukraine created both challenges related to the prices of raw materials and energy resources, great [...]

“Timber prices going up daily” in Europe due to Ukraine war, architects complain

European architects and designers are struggling to source wood for their projects as Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought [...]

Strong demand in Finland’s timber market as imports collapse; wood prices will rise

Finland's wood market has begun to pick up in recent weeks. Purchase volumes and prices of wood have risen [...]

Record wood prices in Poland

Representatives of the Polish wood industry accuse the State Forests of the fact that there is a plundering wood market [...]

China: Timber supply pressure rises as lockdowns continue

    Since 2020, Covid-19 lockdowns have had a huge downstream impact on the global timber supply [...]