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120 environmental groups ask for timber imports from Russia to be stopped

Over a 120 individual environmental rights groups have joined together and are calling for a ban on the use of [...]

Ukraine war and its effect on European timber imports

    In what feels like a return to the dark days of the Cold War, the ongoing [...]

Estonian timber industry is increasingly dependent on imports

      In the last few years, imports of raw materials for the Estonian wood industry [...]

Big rise in UK timber imports from the EU despite Brexit

    An impact of the UK’s departure from the EU single market and customs union on [...]

Skyrocketing freight rates puts pressure on European timber import prices

The key topic when it comes to European imports from Asia remains freight rates. A 40ft container from Malaysia or [...]

Shortage of timber in Ireland set to worsen as supply tightens

  A crisis in supplies of timber In Ireland is set to deepen as overseas sources of logs dry [...]

Timber import prices started to fall in China

    Timber import prices in China have started to fall in mid-May and continued the downward [...]

Analysis of current timber market prices fluctuations in China

    Many members of China’s timber associations have reported increases in timber prices are of concern [...]

Australian request to China to resume timber exports ignored by Beijing officials

Australia is bracing for a drawn-out disruption to its A$1.6 billion ($1.23 billion) annual timber trade [...]

UK timber imports show continued strong market recovery

    UK's timber and panel import volumes performed strongly in October 2020 for the fifth consecutive [...]