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Koskisen to sell sawmill operations in Russia

    Koskisen’s wood processing company has sold its sawmill operations located in Russia to Cherepovetsles. Koskisen [...]

Russian timber exporters seek new markets in Middle East and Asia

    The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade recently told local media that the Middle East, Asia [...]

Will the production of wood pellets be stopped in Russia due to sanctions?

    Starting July 10, the Russian wood pellet exports to Europe will be completely stopped. From this [...]

Because of sanctions against Russia, firewood is becoming a new energy source for European countries

    The surge in gas and electricity prices has sparked interest in Europe for a long-forgotten [...]

Russian sawmills hit hard by sanctions

    Already in May 2022, Russian sawmilling companies were able to largely feel the impact of sanctions [...]

Ponsse to adjust operations: “Russian market too big to replace”

Finnish forest machine manufacturer Ponsse will start personnel negotiations next week.    The negotiations will focus on [...]

Russia plans measures to support the timber industry in the context of sanctions

    At present, Russia's forest products industry is facing a series of consequences caused by EU [...]

Japan’s lumber industry under pressure due to ban on Russian wood

    The global lumber industry has been through a tumultuous period over the past year or so [...]

Russian timber companies ask for state support due to sanctions

Russian business associations "Opora Rossii" and "Business Russia" sent a set of proposals to Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko on [...]

EU to expand sanctions to Russian paper products

The European Union has expanded the package of sanctions against Russia to include trade in paper, cardboard and pulp.  Depending [...]