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Metsä Group prepares for wood raw material availability problems

    Metsä Group is prepared for the problems of availability of wood raw material caused by the [...]

Poor supply of raw materials endangers the potential of the German hardwood industry

    The poor supply of raw materials endangers the potential of the German hardwood industry   [...]

Global wood raw material supply is expected to tighten with through 2021

By the last quarter of 2020, timber demand was becoming excessive and record levels continued through Q1, 2021.    [...]

Turkey to limit export of wood raw materials to avoid shortages

    Turkey has started implementing limitations on exports of some raw materials of furniture, including flakeboard, oriented [...]

Raw material shortage threatens the future of the Swedish forest industry

The productive forest land used in Sweden today is not enough to meet the demand for forest raw materials, the [...]

Lack of raw materials threaten wood prices in Vietnam

As global supply chains were affected by the Suez Canal incident, the supply issues for raw materials for Vietnam’s [...]

Wood raw materials in short supply in Germany

    If the scarcity of raw materials on the German wood market continues, pallet producers and other [...]

Raw material supply for wood pellet industry causes concerns as many sawmills are closing

    Expectations of a downturn in sawmill activity — a likely result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — has [...]

Vietnamese wood processing industry concerned of raw material availability

    Concerns have been raised over the rapid increase in Vietnamese wood chip production and export which [...]

Vietnam sharply rising wood products exports might determine a lack of raw materials

With its abundant potential in wood processing, Vietnam is emerging as a major exporter of finished wood products in the [...]