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China: Prices for New Zealand radiata pine logs rising sharply in March

    Details of the price changes of Chinese imports of radiata pine logs in March are as [...]

New Zealand log export prices to China continue to rise

The CFR prices for New Zealand pine logs in China has increased approximately 5 USD over the last month and [...]

Prices for New Zealand logs crash due to slow demand in China

    Prices for New Zealand logs are 12 percent below the five- year average on the back [...]

New Zealand log prices down and have potential to fall further this summer

    The age-old adage 'what goes up must come down' has played out as expected with [...]

Radiata pine logs under pressure in Chinese timber markets

The Chinese timber market is currently under the influence of increased rain weather and rising temperatures.     [...]

First shipments of New Zealand radiata pine to China expected soon

After nearly a month of strict lockdown, forest industry businesses in New Zealand has restarted activity, after the Government moved [...]

New Zealand’s radiata pine logs prices rise in March as productivity in China increases

    The February At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for logs at New Zealand ports were predominantly rolled [...]

New Zealand’s export prices of logs drop as market in China complicated

The New Zealand forestry industry is currently experiencing a very difficult start to 2020. Prices for export logs dropped approximately [...]

New Zealand’s radiata pine has market potential in Vietnam

New Zealand’s Sequal Holdings Ltd. and Vietnam’s VinaFor Saigon have inked a distribution agreement, with the former to [...]
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Export prices for New Zealand’s logs start to fall

    Prices for New Zealand domestic log sales in June are mostly unchanged from May as we [...]