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Bergs Timber to acquire Polish windows and doors manufacturer Pinus

Bergs Timber AB acquired 100% of the shares in Pinus, Polish windows and doors manufacturer. The sellers is the founders [...]

Record wood prices in Poland

Representatives of the Polish wood industry accuse the State Forests of the fact that there is a plundering wood market [...]

Consequences of the war in Ukraine on Poland’s timber industry

Poland's wood industry expects a shortage of wood raw materials mainly caused by the current war in Ukraine.   [...]

Supply problems for the Polish timber industry due to war in Ukraine

Cutting off supplies of wooden semi-finished products from Ukraine and Russia may be a problem for some of the [...]

Record prices of logs hit Poland’s sawmills

    Industry organizations and entrepreneurs in Poland are sounding the alarm over log prices, which are currently [...]

Foreign companies buy Polish wood en masse; huge rise in raw material prices

    Foreign brokers buy wood from Polish forests on a massive scale. This causes a huge increase [...]

Sawlog prices in the Baltic States and Poland grow faster than in the Nordic countries

Sawlog prices in countries around the Baltic Sea have tracked each other closely for most of the past 20 years [...]

Polish wood industry organizes protests aimed at stopping wood exports

On October 15, in Warsaw, representatives of the wood industry organized a protest picket in front of the Chancellery of [...]

Polish timber industry in crisis; calls for wood export ban

    The wood sales system proposed by the Poland's State Forests for 2022 is a catastrophe [...]

Poland: The Ministry responds to the call of the timber industry for a log export ban

The Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment answered to a call from the timber industry to limit the export of [...]