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JAF Group to acquire DLH Poland and DLH Slovakia

    The JAF Group - a supplier of wood and wood-based products in 16 countries around the [...]

Poland: OSB and softwood lumber prices fall sharply

September is the second month in a row in which a drop in the prices of OSB boards and softwood [...]

Poland’s wood industry in crisis, as raw material prices are expected to skyrocket

    The Polish wood industry is protesting against the decisions of the State Forests, which lead to [...]

Polish wood industry expected to face market slowdown in the coming quarters

    Poland's wood industry is one of those branches of domestic processing in which Polish producers [...]

Poland’s wood industry calls for change in State Forests’ sales policy

    Organizations representing entrepreneurs in Poland's timber industry whose existence depends on the availability of wood [...]

Shortage of wood in Poland

The sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with the invasion of Ukraine have caused a shortage of wood in Poland [...]

Bergs Timber to acquire Polish windows and doors manufacturer Pinus

Bergs Timber AB acquired 100% of the shares in Pinus, Polish windows and doors manufacturer. The sellers is the founders [...]

Record wood prices in Poland

Representatives of the Polish wood industry accuse the State Forests of the fact that there is a plundering wood market [...]

Consequences of the war in Ukraine on Poland’s timber industry

Poland's wood industry expects a shortage of wood raw materials mainly caused by the current war in Ukraine.   [...]

Supply problems for the Polish timber industry due to war in Ukraine

Cutting off supplies of wooden semi-finished products from Ukraine and Russia may be a problem for some of the [...]