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Brazil expands plywood exports to EU as falling supplies to US

    In May, Brazil reduced plywood exports to the U.S. by 38% year-on-year to [...]

Chinese plywood exports drop sharply in value

According to China Customs, plywood exports in the first half of 2020 were 4.778 million cubic metres valued at [...]

Chinese plywood market still sluggish

According to Chinese merchants, after experiencing heavy volume in April, the recent dynamics of the Chinese plywood market has been [...]

Plywood production in Malaysia threatened by declining log supplies and rising costs

    The media in Sarawak recently highlighted the impact declining log production and rising production costs are [...]

India: Latest prices for wood products in June

Latest prices for Indian teak, plywood and sawnwood - 16-30 June 2019    Plantation teak prices  [...]