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Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect wood prices in Europe

    Tighter supplies of wood in global markets have increased wood prices in the last period and [...]

Wood industry in Croatia continues to grow despite pandemic

    The Croatian wood industry, more precisely companies operating within this wider sector, have done well despite [...]

Finland’s forest industry will overpass the coronavirus pandemic, despite production decreases

The coronavirus pandemic has increased demand for certain forest industry products, such as tissue paper and packaging material. However, that [...]

US lumber prices double due to pandemic supply issues

The pandemic has caused supply chain issues for nearly every industry in the USA; from delays in production to transportation [...]

Global forest products trade remained strong despite pandemic

    Although the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted supply chains for many industry sectors worldwide, the [...]

Further drop in construction expected in Europe

    June saw a further drop in construction activity across the Eurozone, although the latest decline was [...]

Malaysian timber companies facing the pandemic

A recently released report details the upheavals experienced by the timber industry during the Movement Control Order (MCO) first implemented [...]

Coronavirus pandemic to worsen Canadian forest industry’s situation in 2020

Under the challenge of US timber tariffs, the new coronavirus pandemic will undoubtedly worsen the Canadian forestry industry's situation [...]

BC delays log export restrictions due to COVID-19 crisis

    The B.C. government has delayed coastal log export reforms for a second time to deal [...]

Where is the Chinese timber market heading in the post-pandemic era?

As the world is gradually entering the post-coronavirus period, there is one main question that haunts the global wood [...]