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Lumber market cools down as renovation boom is likely over

    Lumber prices have hit record highs, fueled by the war in Ukraine, but now the market [...]

Current trends in the Canadian lumber market

Lumber prices have recently experienced a volatile 2021 amid supply chain challenges and booming downstream markets.     [...]

Stella-Jones describes the post-Covid lumber market

Stella Jones has a long track record of steady and profitable growth. This was achieved organically and through selective acquisitions [...]

Record high US lumber prices shifted global lumber trade flows in H1/2021

    US lumber prices reached unprecedented highs in the 2Q/21. For example, the costs for 2x4 [...]

Market dynamics are causing unrest in the German sawmill industry

    In the past few weeks, industry and media reports about warned about a lack of lumber [...]

Considerable recovery in the European lumber market

  Until recently, the total annual consumption of softwood lumber in Europe has been steadily increasing and in 2019 [...]

Sawmills in Sweden have the lowest stock levels in 20 years

    Swedish sawmills have not had such low stock levels in over 20 years. They have had [...]

Current lumber market in US considered unprecedented

    The North American lumber industry is having its craziest year in memory -- and that was before [...]

2020 trends in the global lumber market

    In North America at least, 2019 will be remembered as the hangover from the 2018 first [...]