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China: Covid lockdown puts pressure on the softwood log imports

    In China COVID has significantly disrupted the log trade with major cities under lockdown and building [...]

German timber trade association threatens with lawsuit against lockdown

Before the federal-state consultations on the corona pandemic on March 3, the The German association for the timber trade [...]

German timber trade largely affected by the second lockdown

The second lockdown from December means considerable cuts for the timber retail trade and for many companies sales losses of [...]

EU wood market challenging as many countries go back into lockdown

   It remains to be seen whether the recovery in EU wood market will be sustained as there are [...]

N. American wood industry giants announce more production curtailments

Wood business companies in North America are responding to the threats of the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a tracking of [...]

India’s wood industry ceases activity due to strict lockdown measures

    India has taken drastic measures against the spread of the coronavirus entering a strict lockdown. The [...]