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UK boosts imports of lower-priced Latvian hardwoods

    UK hardwood import volumes shot up by 30% in Q1 2022 as compared to the same [...]

Lumber price growth in Latvia expected to continue due to sanctions on Russia

    The situation on the Latvian lumber market in 2021 was dictated by price increases, reaching historically [...]

Timber industry in Latvia hit by trade suspension with Russian and Belarus

    Sanctions of the European Union (EU) and other countries against Russia and Belarus will also affect [...]

Latvia: Exports of wood products hit record value due to booming prices

The Latvian timber industry was the sector with the fastest growth in export value last year, recovering from a difficult [...]

Latvian timber market is experiencing a sharp drop in wood prices

Currently, the Latvian timber market is experiencing a fall in the price of softwood roundwood, which has fallen by as [...]

Latvia’s softwood sawlog prices reach unprecedented levels

    Latvia's timber market is currently experiencing rising prices for roundwood, which have been affected by [...]

Rettenmeier plans large investment in Latvia

With an investment program, Rettenmeier wants to expand its Latvian location in Incukalns significantly over the next few years and [...]

Latvia’s timber industry concerned about trade with Belarus

    Latvian timber industry has recently raised alarm that the Latvian banks are being overly cautious regarding [...]

No reason to expect that skyrocketing timber prices in Latvia will return to pre-pandemic levels

    In the Latvian timber industry, the sharp rise in prices was caused by an unpredictably high [...]

There is a bubble in Latvia’s timber market that will burst sooner or later

    Currently, the Latvian lumber market is experiencing a significant price increase or bubble, which will sooner [...]