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Intense negotiations underway on EU “deforestation free” law

Intense negotiations continue within the European Council and European Parliament towards agreement of a final text of the law "on [...]

Mixed verdict on EUTR effectiveness

    The long awaited "Fitness Check" of the EUTR and the FLEGT Regulation was published on 17 [...]

Deforestation-risk countries’ ban proposal would significantly alter and extend EUTR obligations

On 17 November 2021, the European Commission announced a Proposal for a new Regulation to reduce global deforestation and forest [...]

Procedures for assessing effectiveness of EUTR are inadequate

In a report published 4 October, the European Court of Auditors concluded that EC procedures for assessing effectiveness of the [...]

WWF files a complaint against Germany for inadequate EUTR implementation

The WWF has lodged a complaint against Germany with the EU Commission because of inadequate implementation of the European Timber [...]

EUTR and FLEGT to become UK domestic legislation

The Office of Product Safety and Standards has issued guidance staring that from January 1, 2021, Great Britain (England, Scotland [...]

UKTR to replace EUTR starting 2021

    The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) draws its members' attention to the fact that on January 1 [...]
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EUTR and FLEGT cause market shifts in the tropical wood market

    The European timber trade regulation EUTR and the FLEGT agreement concluded with Indonesia are causing market [...]

European organisations call for FLEGT measures to be extended and deepened

While there was broad support for the FLEGT process and the EUTR, there was also a call for the FLEGT [...]

EU organisations to reaffirm their support for FLEGT and EUTR

Feedback received by the EC on their “fitness check” of the FLEGT and EUTR regulations indicates a high degree of [...]