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China’s demand for New Zealand logs uncertain; prices stable in December

The At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for New Zwealand exported logs remained unchanged in December, although there were reported some [...]

China’s demand for softwood logs expected to be reduced in Q1/2022

Softwood inventory levels in China have dropped slightly to 4.5mln m3 and daily offtake remains steady at 75k per [...]

Chinese demand for softwood logs very low due to market uncertainty

    The current enthusiasm of Chinese domestic timber businessmen to stock up at the end of the [...]

Demand for timber falls in China, and so do prices. Why?

So, what caused the current timber import price drop in China and how long’s it going to last for [...]

Demand for hardwood in Europe has surged – prices have hit new highs

It’s been six months plus of extremes and superlatives in the European sawn hardwood sector. Importers, distributors and merchants [...]

India’s domestic timber demand to be driven up by huge infrastructure demand

The huge demand for infrastructure will inevitably drive a sharp increase in India's domestic timber demand.       [...]

Current demand for logs in China is low

A number of factors have reduced the immediate demand for logs in China.    Firstly, the quantity [...]

UK faces timber shortage due to high demand

The price of timber has risen sharply with builders struggling to get supplies, as post-lockdown construction and DIY projects [...]

Increased timber demand in UK puts pressure on supply

    Rising demand for timber is fuelling pressure on the supply chain in UK, rather than limitations [...]

Europe: Pellet demand to grow by 30-40% over the next five years

    The forecasted growth in wood pellet production in Europe will increase competition for wood fiber and [...]