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US wood panel manufacturers say mandatory Covid 19 vaccination could disrupt production

      US wood panel manufacturers have expressed concern about potential production disruption coming from President [...]

European sawmill industry could benefit on the long term from the Covid-19 pandemic

  When in late February 2020 it became apparent that the Covid-19 virus would wreak havoc not just [...]

Largest hardwood producer in US files for bankruptcy

Northwest Hardwoods Inc., the largest hardwood lumber producer in US, retreated into Chapter 11 in Delaware last week, saying fallout [...]

Record low wood prices in Austria due to bark beetle and corona crisis

    Climate change, the corona crisis and difficult market conditions have put Austria's forest industry in [...]

European construction sector recovers from Covid-19 pandemic

The European construction sector was severely affected by the pandemic in April but recovered strongly in most countries in the [...]

EU plywood trade recovers, but Covid-19 to slice 10-20% of 2020 profits

It’s still too early to say for sure, but it’s variously estimated by European plywood importers and distributors [...]

Covid 19 recovery causes high wood prices and low wood availability in Europe

Recently, concerns were raised regarding the mounting pressure on the availability of wood in Europe which is likely to impact [...]

COVID-19 impact on wood consumption in US

The forest products industry in the US has been making headlines since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 1Q2020. The [...]