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COVID-19 pandemic is impacting raw material availability for wood pellet producers

    A pellet producer survey shows that the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting raw material availability. Most [...]

Turkey’s furniture sector ready for post-pandemic period

As Turkey has started to ease measures against the coronavirus, the country's furniture sector is getting prepared for the [...]

COVID-19 pandemic could revive B.C. forestry industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Canadians to use more disposable products such as cups, bags and masks, which has [...]

45 mill curtailments in BC due to COVID-19

B.C.’s Forests Minister says almost two dozen mills in the province have had to curtail or shut down [...]

Vietnamese wood industry needs fundamental change in export product lines, markets

The wood industry needs a fundamental change in export product lines and markets after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, an [...]

Södra sees supply and demand fall due to the outbreak of COVID-19

Despite dramatically changed conditions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, production rates at Södra’s facilities remained [...]

The worst time in Argentina’s timber industry in the last 50 years

    Argentina's timber industry sees worst conditions in 50 years, as loggers' sales plummet more than [...]

Resolute to lay off 1,000 workers in Quebec due to COVID-19

    Resolute Forest Products Inc. is temporarily laying off more than 1,000 workers mainly in Quebec [...]

Malaysia’s wood pellet sector in uncertainty

  Malaysia's wood pellet sector remains in a state of uncertainty despite an easing of Covid-19 restrictions [...]

BC government to offer aid to forest companies

The British Columbia government is deferring a timber harvesting fee charged to forest companies in an effort to help the [...]