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European woodworking and sawmill industries welcome EC’s legislative proposal on certification of carbon removals

The publication this week by the European Commission of a draft legislative proposal on the certification of carbon removals has [...]

70 EU signatories call for efficient, circular use of wood biomass residues

    More than 30 additional signatories endorsed the declaration issued on the 10th of November, bringing the [...]

Nordic forest companies have more money than ever

The Nordic forest industry has never had as much money as it does now, says Danske Bank's forest sector [...]

The capacity utilization rate of Russian timber companies is less than 50%

The sharp drop in Russian timber product exports following the imposition of EU sanctions is not surprising to all parties [...]

Rising costs cast doubt on Vietnamese wood companies growth prospects

As wood export turnover is rebounding with rising demand in the domestic market, the revenues of Vietnamese wood enterprises are [...]

Vietnam’s wood companies speed up production to meet year-end orders

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade Export and Import Department wood and wood product exports in November reached [...]

B.C. forestry sector hit hard by fallout from November floods

  Inability to move products forcing mills in the province to suspend operations.  Even before a series [...]

Top global lumber companies: large acquisitions and expansions continue

With lumber companies being flush with cash from record prices in 2020 and 2021, there continues to be several new [...]

50% of Vietnamese timber processing companies face the risk of bankruptcy

Over 50% of timber processing enterprises Vietnam's South have to stop operation, facing the risk of bankruptcy. The other [...]

EU plywood companies report good profits, but supply a struggle

    The good news from the majority of European hardwood plywood importers interviewed March 2021 was that [...]