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US cuts softwood tariffs in half for Canadian lumber

The US Commerce Department is cutting tariffs against most Canadian softwood lumber producers by half, but the long-running trade [...]

Canada sees potential for ‘movement’ on U.S. lumber dispute

    Canada sees the potential for some movement toward settling a longstanding dispute with the United States [...]

Current trends in the Canadian lumber market

Lumber prices have recently experienced a volatile 2021 amid supply chain challenges and booming downstream markets.     [...]

Sinclar Group Forest Products reduces production at three sawmills due to supply bottlenecks

Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd. will temporarily reduce manufacturing output at its sawmill operations in Vanderhoof, Fort St. James and [...]

B.C.’s biggest forestry companies target U.S. lumber companies

  A handful of American lumber barons’ heirs stand to cash in for well into the near future, as [...]

Stella-Jones describes the post-Covid lumber market

Stella Jones has a long track record of steady and profitable growth. This was achieved organically and through selective acquisitions [...]

Canada’s lumber giants expand into U.S., amid fight over tariffs

  The U.S. South is becoming an increasingly important lumber supplier in North America, bolstered by Canadian companies [...]

US reduces duties on most Canadian softwood lumber producers

The US Department of Commerce issued its preliminary determination in their Third Administrative Review of certain softwood lumber products from [...]

Canfor hardest-hit by US lumber duties

Canfor Corp. is bearing the brunt as new tariffs on softwood lumber exports into the United States come into effect [...]

Reactions to US decision to double Canadian softwood lumber tariffs

    As the U.S. Department of Commerce issued its final determination in the second administrative review [...]