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European forests under sustained pressure, study says

No year since weather records began was as hot and dry as 2018. A first comprehensive analysis of the consequences [...]

Swiss wood market marked by coronavirus and bark beetle

    The Swiss timber market has so far navigated the pandemic "relatively well", the Swiss Timber Commission [...]

Impact on wood markets of the European bark beetle crisis

  Between 2017 and 2019, over 270 million m3 of standing timber in Central Europe was damaged by a [...]

Massive price drops for logs in Austria due to bark beetle infestation and coronavirus crisis

The log market in Austria is currently impacted by the bark beetle infestation and the coronavirus crisis in June.  [...]

European spruce supply to China disrupted by container shortage

    China will receive more and more spruce from European forests, which are currently destroyed by storms [...]

Stora Enso to use drones to identify insect from the air

  Stora Enso’s drone research used a drone and a multispectral camera to detect insect damages in Finnish [...]

Forecast: Half a million cubic meters of damaged wood expected in the next 5 years in Central Europe

   For at least five years, the forestry and timber industry in Central Europe has been struggling with the [...]

EOS GA concludes: Coronavirus crisis has taken a heavy toll for many sawmills across Europe

In general the coronavirus crisis has taken a heavy toll for many sawmills across Europe. While some forecasts some weeks [...]

Bark beetle causes record logging in the Czech republic

          In 2020, timber harvesting in the Czech Republic reached 32 [...]

German forests receive € 700 million aid

he Federal Government will offer € 700 million to deal with the damage in the German forest after two years of [...]