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German timber industry: Coronavirus worsens the ongoing bark beetle, storm crisis

The German forestry and timber industry was already in a state of emergency before the coronavirus pandemic: storms, drought and [...]

Finland: Forest industry under threat by the bark beetle effects, mild winters and coronavirus

   At the moment, forest prospects are obscured by unpredictable factors that are completely independent of the Finnish forest [...]

Czech Republic: Bark beetle infestation to double this year and again next year

   Bark beetle will attack up to 60 million cubic meters of wood this year in the Czech Republic [...]

Europe: Volume of beetle and storm wood reaches 120 million m3 in 2019

     The volume of damaged wood (both bark beetle and windthrown) in 2019 in Central Europe and [...]

European beetle and storm wood starts to change the Chinese timber market

   The European bark beetle and windstorm calamity wood is starting to modify the dynamics of the Chinese timber [...]
March 2, 2020 Forestry / Sawmilling / ...China / Europe

Bark beetle infestation hasn’t impacted the Baltic states

In contrast to large parts of Central Europe with a focus on Germany and Austria, the bark beetle calamity in [...]
February 12, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

European softwood logs invade the Chinese; market prices down sharply

    European beetle logs have flooded the Chinese market. In the first ten months of the year [...]

Central European bark beetle crisis puts pressure on timber prices

    The situation is described by industry insiders as serious and likely to impact the entire forestry [...]

Czechia Republic’s softwood forests ravaged by the bark beetle; 50% under threat

    With its largely softwood forests, the Czech Republic is one of the European countries most affected [...]

European bark beetle crisis has multiple implications in global lumber markets

A new wildcard in the global supply of lumber, as well as log exports, is the rapid expansion of the [...]