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An update of the current bark-beetle situation in Europe

    The bark-beetle infestation has caused a lot of problems in the last years especially in [...]

Next bark beetle outbreak on the way

After the long-standing bark beetle calamity in western Canada came to an end a few years ago and we [...]

Czech Republic drastically reduces logging as the bark beetle calamity retreats

    Last year, with the retreat of the bark beetle calamity, the Czech state enterprise Lesy Česk [...]

Germany: Volume of bark beetle damaged wood expected fall sharply in 2022

According to the latest statistics, in 2021, Germany's logging of damaged timber will drop to 43 million cubic meters [...]
December 15, 2021 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Czech Republic will cancel compensation for bark beetles

Czech forest owners can no longer count on the state to compensate them for low prices with huge sums. Wood [...]

Volume bark beetle damaged wood in Europe expected to be lower this year

    Over the last few years, Central European forests (but also parts of Sweden, France, and Belgium [...]

Bark beetle crisis drags log prices down in the Czech Republic

    Last year saw a record 35.8 million cubic meters of wood logged in the Czech [...]

Logging in Germany reaches a new record in 2020 due to bark beetle infestation

In 2020, 80.4 million cubic meters of wood were felled in German forests. This means that logging reached a [...]

European countries are rapidly expanding market shares on China’s softwood import market

Due to the bark beetle infestation, the European countries have gained serious market shares in China's softwood logs and [...]