The price of wood pellets in Germany are still favourable

In Germany the price of wood pellets in July remains favourable. According to the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) the average price for a tonne of pellets stands at €248.63.

That is 6 €-Cents less than last month and 8 percent less than in July 2013. Compared to heating oil, the price advantage of wood pellets is 35.6%.

In July, the price of wood pellets in Germany has some regional differences: in Central Germany pellets cost as in the previous month, meaning €244.50/t. In North-East Germany the average price is €247.26/t, while in South the price is €248.86/t.

Larger quantities (26 t) were traded on the following terms: North/East: €229.06/t, Center: €230.25/t, South: €233.76/t (all including VAT).



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