Finnish log prices keep stable in February

In February 2014, roundwood prices in Finland are largely stable as compare to January, with only few minor changes.

Pine logs price has registered a slight increase of EUR 0,55/ per cubic metre, while spruce and birch logs are cheaper over the previous month by EUR 0,29/cbm and EUR 0,21/cbm respectively.

Year-over-year, in February there are some discordant results. Birch and spruce logs slightly gained some price increase. At the same time, all other assortments have become cheaper by between -0,53% to -2,91% for pulpwood spruce.

Roadside prices of roundwood in Finland EUR/m³ over bark

 February 2013 January 2014 February 2014 Change
to Feb./2014
Pine 57.30 57.16 57.71 0.71%
Spruce 56.97 57.52 57.23 0.45%
Birch 46.94 46.48 46.69 -0.53%
Pine 29.57 29.34 29.03 -1,82%
Spruce 31.55 30.41 30.63 -2,91%
Birch 30.59 30.05 30.01 -1,89%




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