Sharp rise in CIF prices for China’s softwood log imports

According to China Customs, log imports in 2021 totalled 63.58 million cubic metres valued at US$11.594 billion [...]

Global supply chain chaos could worsen this year

According to a survey conducted by Container Xchange, a container leasing and trading platform, among 800 practitioners in the logistics [...]

Prices for imported softwood logs in China start to pick up as inventories fall

Domestic log prices in China have continued to firm in the last 4 weeks with the Chinese Government implementing a [...]

Softwood log inventories fall in China

GWMI industry sources in China reported that softwood log inventories at the country’s main ocean ports totalled 5.3 [...]

2022 global wood pellet market outlook

The industrial wood pellet markets have been growing at an annualized rate of about 1.66 million metric tonnes per [...]

EU to challenge Russian wood export restrictions at WTO

    The EU is requesting consultations with Russia at the World Trade Organization (WTO) concerning export restrictions [...]

Chinese timber import market faces a complicated 2022

    At the beginning of the new year, the Chinese timber industry is waiting for the market [...]