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Vietnam’s wood processing industry sees recovery in production

The Vietnamese wood processing industry has recently seen a recovery in production after the fourth outbreak of Covid-19.  [...]

EU to ban wood, wood products coming from countries with deforestation risk

    Under new rules unveiled last week, the European Commission plans to ban the sale of agricultural [...]

IKEA warns of imminent price increases

    IKEA has warned of imminent price increases, as it revealed its financial results for FY21 (to [...]

Global supply chain crisis could extend into 2023

    The supply chain crisis threatening the global economy risks lasting at least another year unless governments [...]

Vietnamese wood sector expected to pull up its exports after production halts

    The rise in COVID-19 cases in Vietnam has caused productions to halt in August and [...]

IKEA expects that product shortages to last well into summer of 2022

Ikea has become the latest retailer to warn on supply chain problems, saying on Thursday that stock shortages were likely [...]

IKEA to shift production to Turkey due to global supply chain problems

Swedish-based furniture retailer IKEA is planning to minimise problems with global supply chain and increased shipping costs by moving [...]

US furniture maker wins lawsuit against shipper

American home furniture manufacturer and supplier MCS Industries has prevailed in federal court in its lawsuit against Cosco Shipping.  [...]
October 13, 2021 Wood Furniture / North America

Vietnamese wood processors shut down temporarily

    Although Vietnam’s wood and wood exports grew by more than 62% (year-on-year) in [...]

US and Vietnam reach timber deal avoiding tariffs

The US and Vietnam reached an agreement over illegally harvested and traded timber that will see the Asian nation avert [...]